The Perennial Path


The Perennial Path is an integrated model for anyone interested in pursuing not only a psychologically but a spiritually grounded life style.  The Path is based on the Perennial Philosophy which states that we are all spiritual beings living in the material world.

The Perennial Path is unique in several distinguishing ways.

*  It is an integrated program of psycho-spiritual practice in that it considers the body, mind and spirit 

as well as how we engage the outside world.

*   And, it is based on Eight Aspects or Practices.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Physical Well Being   -   Meditation  -   Study   -  Self Awareness -  Creativity -  Transpersonal Awareness   -   Relationship   -  Service 


  *  These Aspects all require attention if one is to pursue a truly integrated and authentic psycho-spiritual life.  

How one engages each Aspect however, is left to the individual.

*   The Path is also grounded in twelve Attributes or Ways of Being that are essential in psycho-spiritual development:

Mindfulness  -  Non-attachmnet  -  Interconnectedness  -  Compassion  -  Respect  -  Responsibility  -  Commitment  -  Faith  - Honesty  -  Gratitude  -  Joy   -  Creativity

Each of these paintings are meant to represent the Aspects and Attributes

Files coming soon.